O+ Duo 2-in-1 Tips

O+ now has three 2 in 1, their second iteration of 2 in 1 is the o+ duo which I purchased for Php 6,995 at memo express in SM Valenzuela.

The O+ Duo has can run with android 5.1 and windows 10 with 64 GB of storage, it was separated by O+, 32 GB and 16 GB free respectively. Both OS runs smoothly on both device and both can handle multitasking good.

Let me now go over the problems that I have encountered on using the device. This is also the main reason that I came up with this post, so you don’t need to experience the frustration that I encounter.

First, the device that I got was the last unit they have, they only 2 got units initially so I just trust the guy that the item has not been tested yet. He boot the system and windows was the first OS that booted. I entered my credentials and the guy  tested all accessories. Everything was good, except the headset, I tried it in my Xperia Z and it was not recognized. But other than that, it’s all good. I paid for the item and brought the unit home. When I tried it when I got home, the next problem happened.

Second, It was really my fault to encounter the second problem, I didn’t test the android OS nor did I ask how to boot it. After going through the net and watching a video in YouTube, I figured out the solution to this. You just need to deactivate the tablet mode, because it is in default that it is in tablet mode then on the desktop, you’ll be able to see the icon for switching OS. There you go, it rebooted. You can easily switch to windows by just going to the notifications in the android.

You do not need to restore to factory setting to get the switcher because that is what I did. Poor me.

Third, It may not be the tablets fault but when I changed the date manually, it ruined everything, all Windows apps didn’t open, from the store, mail, calendar and most importantly the settings. So make sure not to change it manually. I tried going over the net to look for the solution but nothing helped. Last resort was to reset the PC, unluckily, I can’t look for a way to reset it but with luck, it opened the advanced option for resetting the machine. Once it booted, It’s fully operational again. So note to myself, never changed the date manually again.

Fourth, battery drains fast. I turned it off with 100%, then when I opened it in the afternoon, its just 31%.

After those problems, windows is now fully operational and been using it for a week now without any issues.


  • You can use a smartphone for a touchpad, I use the remote link app in my android phone Remote Link by ASUS.
  • This supports OTG but don’t have a USB port.
  • Keyboard is miniature.
  • Make sure to go to settings and update the windows OS if you’ve got time.

This post is intended to help O+ duo users and that includes me, so if you’ve got any tips for me as well, leave it in the comment. Thank you so much.



29 responses to “O+ Duo 2-in-1 Tips

  • Dane

    Front cam didn’t work on video calls.
    it said an app is currently using the cam but I couldn’t find which app it was. nothing else was running that time.
    I reset the device, after it was done resetting/reformatting, wifi wouldn’t work. It seems that a driver is needed to get the wifi working. I couldn’t find any driver for my O+ Duo.

    All of those were encountered on the Windows side of the device.
    No issues on the Android side.

    any advice to get the wifi working again?

  • Ricardo Austria

    O+ Duo WIndows C Drive Capacity: 37.6GB & 15.6 GB for Android

    i have a difficult in switch to Android using the short cut DualOSSwitcher (I don’t know why) since it was very easy on the first time I use it.

    Android 5.1 is not capable to transfer data apps to SDCard

    I was able to use mouse by using micro USB-OTG and also view movies through external HDD (1TB) and connecting it to TV by micro HDMI cable

    My son was able to play NBA2K16, PHSlam and other games without lag
    Thanks for the 2GB Ram and capacity

    Windows 10 Home has to be registered through Wifi because it has no 2G, 3G or LTE and its only have Wifi connection.

  • Jonepit

    Mine is stack to windows recovery screen and I can’t use the device anymore, Help!!!
    When I bought the device, I have notice that switching from windows – android, and windows again my SD becomes unrecognizable. I toy the idea that it might be low bat as the cause of the problem so I charge the device for 4hrs. When I boot-up that when I notice the date, so I manually change the date on windows and checking everything find it fine. The problem occurs win I switch to android- (android was fine also) and back to windows again, everything crashes. What went wrong???

    • burningutot

      When this happened to me, I restored the windows through the recovery and it then works again. It’s something I read in the past that win 10 have this problem so after deleting all my stuff because of the system restore, I immediately updated win10.

      Unfortunately, mime don’t work anymore and it feels mow that I’ve wasted my 7k with this machine. Ill be bringing this in the customer service for them to check it. But for now. I’m really disappointed with it.

    • Ricardo Austria

      On switching from android to windows, your memory card is not recognized, just remove your card from the slot and re-insert it… that it yor windows will surely recognized it… I hope this will help

  • Ricardo Austria

    Mine got stock too.. while playing a minor game (just imagine its only Jewel 3) then the screen becomes block and I cannot re start it anymore. Thats the problem with fixed battery it is very difficult to booth it by marely removing the battery. So I’ve tried it so many and the O+ logo is only shown in the screen then I leave my tablet for 15 mins and it booth, good to me. I really dont know how to solve the different problems I am encountering.

    When I am in android it is so easy to switch to win 10 just a click on the icon SOSwitch but when returning to windows its a mess its really difficult. I have to cut the power off wait recharge then start and try again until the time comes that it switch. I think O+ has to check their OS and make un upgrade in order to make their tablet run smoothly.

    So for now on, I am just using android and I dont switch to win10 anymore..

    I have also a problem in using my SD card when I am in windows. SD card was never detected. Is there anybody who can tell me if it is possible to use sd card when you are in win10 mode? If I use OTG cable it is possible I can detect additional space through SDCard or USB.

  • Josh Fernandez

    Mine I guess is the worst of all, when the device is low on battery I charge it and if you click on the battery Icon it says 3 hours until fully charge so I charge it for 4 hours but then this is where the issue start, when I remove the power adapter from my O+ plus Duo, WTF the device turned off and it will stay that way till I decided to return it.
    And of course, I can’t use it anywhere I go because it need to be connected to its power adapter.

    Second, when I try to replace it on the second day from the day I bought it, the store wouldn’t replace it because of a slight cosmetic issue like few minor scratches (though that would be my fault) and that is O+ suppliers policy and the device will then be covered only for warranty and need to be shipped to its service center in Metro Manila and it will be delivered back to the store only after 2-3 months. And the reason they wouldn’t replace it because they can’t sell the defective device back.

    What a bad business…..

  • Josh Fernandez

    by the way the first time I charge the device it say 4 hours until fully charge and of course I charge it for 4 hours

  • Ricardo Austria

    Is there anybody O+Duo user can inform me on how to boot from Windows to Android… I have difficulty in switching OS from Windows to Android, but from Android to Windows its just a 1 tap on the OSSwitcher icon. Does anybody encountered this problem and how can it be solved. I have to fully charged the battery and switch off the tab for about 20mins before starting and switching the OS.

    I can now detect my mempry card (external micro SDcard) when I am in Windows. Just remove and re-insert it when you’re in windows, you can now use it to save your music, pictures and documents, just assign your memory card by replacing C drive to D drive through setup.

    • burningutot

      When you’re not in tablet mod of windows, you should see an icon that switches between OS. Hope tgis helps

      • Ricardo Austria

        I am not asking about on where to find the icon.. I already seen that for the first time I bought my Tab. The problem I am encountering is even I tap this icon for several times my Tab doesn’t boot to android so I have to power it off for around more or less 30 min, then fully rechard, reopen and try to switch OS using the said icon but fail. If I am lucky sometimes it does but not always. Thats the problem I am encountering so far.

        Anyhow Thanks for the info…

  • khay29

    hi. .i got a pr0blem wth my tab which is the o+. .i was able to reset the default program of my tab but the m0ment i opened it, s0me of the previ0us pr0grams installed disappeared.like the wireless c0necti0n f0r wifi had disappear and whenever i want to use it f0r br0wsing it requires VPN for internet c0necti0n in which i d0nt have any idea at all. .can y0u help me with this?thanks!

    • burningutot

      you can try to download the wifi driver on the android OS. i haven’t solve it yet since I already gave up on the tab and planned to bring it in the service center. 😦

    • Ricardo Austria

      Hi Khay29… If you reset your tab or CP not only for O+ Duo all your installed programs including your email, account, etc. will be deleted. Your tab will be set to its factory default so you will have to start all over again.

      You should backup all your data before re-setting your tablet.
      This was happen to me when I send my O+ Dou for software upgrade, all my data, save games were erased but after software apgrading my tab runs smooth and I can change my OS from Android to Windows & vice versa without any problen not like before I cannot change OS from Windows to Android by using the OS changer icon.

      VPN is a Virtual Private Network,
      When you are in Android 5.1.1, just go to Setting tap Wi-Fi and tap Off to On you Wi-Fi then it will automatically find or locate Wi-Fi or you can also tap the 3-dots near the finder ion on the rigth top corner of you tab then you can select Add network, save network, refresh, and tap advance.

      For Windows 10, Tap Windows logo then setting, Tap Network & Internet (with a Globe icon) the you can see Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Data usage, VPN etc. Set your Wi-Fi On and you can set your Wi-Fi there.

      I hope this will help and if you still have problems just email me or post your comments.


  • Ely

    Can I play nba2k15 or nba2k16 on my oplus duo.. Tnx for the reply..

    • Ricardo Austria

      Hi Ely,
      Yes you can play nba2k16 which I am playing right now. For nba2k15 I’m sure it will also play.

      I hope this will help.

      • Ely

        Anyway we’re can I stalled nba2k15 and nba2k16 that will not black screen or will not say error.. Tnx for the reply..

      • Ely

        Anyway we’re can I stalled nba2k15 and nba2k16 that will not black screen or will not say error.. Or maybe I’ll buy it on playstore .. Tnx for the reply Ricardo Austria… 😀

      • Ricardo Austria

        Hi Ely,
        Where did you download and installed your game, from google store or

        different site? If from different site or from a friend here is how to

        install your games:

        You should have to files obb & apk files:

        1. main.21.com.t2ksports.nba2k16android
        2. NBA 2K16 any version (mod file mod money or any) in my case I am using

        NBA 2K16 v0.0.21

        1. Copy main.21.com.t2ksports.nba2k16android.obb file to sd card 2\android


        2. Copy NBA2K16 apk files in any directory or in directory where you place

        your downloaded apk files and installed.

        Thats it and start your games:

        If you also want Philippine Slam
        Then download Philippine Slam v1.69 (latest version) from com.ranida.phslam
        You can download APK & Obb files and you can also download a complete game

        without obb and the file is around 98 MB

        From where are you? If you want I can give you the files free I dont know

        if it can be send through email. If you want I will try to send it just

        give me your email address.

  • Ely

    Hi can I play nba2k16 or nba2k15 on my oplus duo. Tnx for the reply

  • jun samatra

    hi sir, is there any chance you have stock rom or working custom firmware for O+ duo, mine got stuck up on red background O+ logo. i’ve already done factory reset via recovery menu at boot up, clear cache, etc, but still no avail. hope you can help me. thanks

  • jen

    hi sir please help what to do? my O+ DUO, works very good before but when i switched it to windows it does not work it says cant figure problem, and try to reset, so i did but nothing happen, now it only show O+ icon and black background, please help me

  • lem

    The User Profile Service service failled the sign-in
    User profile cannot be loaded…

    mga boss yan yung error nung sken pls help many thanks

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