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Bang Bang: The DOTA that I never learned.

As of this moment I am trying to wake up my girlfriend, she think that I’m so sweet that I’m waiting for her , to make sure that she’ll wake up on time. but she don’t know that while I’m waiting for her, I’m having the time of my life.

Since high school, my deepest frustration was playing DOTA,  I tried playing it, but I never got the chance to master it. I always thought that it was an awful game, you need to buy equipment that tells you what the effects are but it really don’t work. later that I knew, those are recipes which means you need to buy things first before you can acquire certain items.

then I quit, I rather play NBA or counter for which they don’t need recipes, though I always install World of Warcraft on the laptops that I bought in the past.

Now 2017 has come, and I think it’s a bit late to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. A game where you won’tbe bullied since I always see players trash talking on each DOTA game that they play. MLBB is a Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) which you play with other people from across the globe but most of the playeers that I see here are Filipinos. 🙂

Just a simple rule on the game, protect your base, play sas a team and the most important is don’t die stupidly. Once you install the game on yourandroid or Iphone, you’ll learn the basics by controllingthe most basic character. If your frustration is the same as mine which is to play ODTA., you will feel awesome since this tutorial will make you feel like a gid until the time you play with other players where you’ll feel like you the stupidest of them all. There was a time that I was even called a food, since all I know is die. But the game itself is wonderfall.



You have plenty of characters to choose from, from a support character which will be your first hero, to a tank, an assasin and even a hero that does magic. Characters