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Indestructible RDA by Wismec

Wismec, creators  of the famous, most used mod here in the Philippines have a matching RDA, the Indestructible which can be purchased for around 900 pesos.

Out of the Box

We have the RDA, spare O rings and a spare hexagonal bolt. The box don’t come with the tools that you can use to build your coils neither a cotton and wire for the build itself.

The Atty

The Indestructible is a small RDA which has a 22 mm diameter, which makes it cute. The RDA is composed of the base, an adjustable pin, a sleeve with three air holes, for single and dual coil mode, a chaff cap which have 8 air holes.

The deck of this RDA has three post, negative post have screws and the negative have two hexagonal screws.

It has three post, on which the positive post have two hexagonal screws. The sleeve of it have three sets of air holes with thee holes a piece, sad to say that it can’t be adjusted unlike the Baal V3 and the Samurai Comp V2 top cap has 8 air holes for your satisfaction.


My favorite build on this RDA is the nano Dragon coil, perfect for its post since I tilt the coils diagonally, it may be a bit hard for beginners to create a build on this RDA since the screws on the negative post is open on one side where the wire can slip easily. The juice well is also so narrow that;s why I put cotton clouds on it for more juice for me not to drip every other time I fire.

Best Mod

I have the brush silver indes and I match it with my PICO by eleaf which makes it a perfect pair. It’s so tiny which can easily fit in your pocket. Best for vapers with small hands.


If you don’t have tools yet to build this RDA, I rather not suggest this since there are RDA that comes with an Allen like the mad hatter V2 or the Tsunami RDA. However, if you would like to match your SS mod with a perfect RDA and you also have an intermediate skill in build your coils, this one is for you.

Suits cloud chasers, but still deliver that flavor you want for a very low price.


PICO by ELeaf

I know a lot of people who now prefer a single battery mod that can deliver and one of the best suggestion that I have for them is the PICO 75w mod by eleaf. This mod comes with different colors and can easily fit in your pocket due to its size. Eleaf has two variant of this, one that comes with the Melo tank and the other one that has the mod only. This mod uses a single 18650 battery which is inserted upside down.

The  Mod

PICO 75w have three buttons, a firing Pin on top of the Oled screen and two rockers on the bottom of the mod for adjusting the wattage or the temp. This is also firmware upgradable and the latest that they have right now is version 1.1 which still have that 75w output but they put a feature where you can change the  screen when it powers on/off.  This is also a temp control mod where you can vape on your desired temperature when your using a SS, Ni or Ti wire. This also have a bypass mode where your using your mod like a mechanical mod (output depends on the charge of your battery).

This mod also have heat holes for the battery at the bottom of the mod beside the rockers. And a micro usb port for charging and when you want a firmware upgrade.


  • On/off – 5 times the fire button
  • Lock – when on, press both up and down rocker simultaneously
  • Modes – 3 times the fire button
  • Stealth mode (Screen goes off even when you use it) – power + – rocker when off
  • Battery voltage – Fire + – rocker when powered off
  • Temperature coefficient – Fire + + rocker when powered off
  • Temp of the chip – 10x fire button when ON
  • Invert the screen –  both rocker when off
  • Lock the resistance in TC – power + +rocker when ON


This mod is best for you if you don’t want to carry a lot cause it can easily fit in your pocket. Its not a hassle bring this since it is so small and I pair it with my Indestructible rda by Wismec. It’s perfect for ladies and for vapers with small hands. Though it can only fit 22 mm atty, I understand that this is the mod for cute people with cute hands. It also comes with 5 different colors and the one that I have looks so elegant to hold. The only con of this is that when the battery reaches below 4.0 V, it always indicate weak battery and you need to fire it again for your use. Other than that, the price and quality of this mod makes it a perfect buy.