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Coach Blog 2: Hidden Gem

There will always be an employee who won’t perform well but always can have something to show. A manager can look at their performance alone but they may not see the hidden gem in them.

Nobody thought that an employee who have can’ deliver the number have something to hide. In phillip’s case, he can’t provode a stellar service to a customer but he can then figure out the concern of the customer right away, without any probing needed. This can be a skill that is learned through experience or a talent. Like in basketball, height is a talent, all you need to do is polish the other aspect to show that gem in them.

Just put some effort to rub those dirt away, one inch a day. And once you turn that muddy stone into a precious one, you’ll be earning a lot for sure. 



Im back here at wordpress and now I got a better insight of what to put here.

From being a friend of mine where I put more of my personal feeling, t’is time i’ll focus more on the readers (hope there’ll be any).

This post is juat a start for the wondrous life next year. Seing at it full scale, it’s gonna be an awesome 2016.

But not yet sure how to operate tgis thing. And by the start on next year, this will be eunning smoothly and operational.

No more leaving you wordpress!

Now if you guys can help me put here, I’ll really appreciate it. How can I make multiple tabs/page with different topics and I like to put in different post there? (I feel so dumb asking you about this) nonetheless, I’ll be laughing at this post afyer 3 months.