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Izanagi Tube Mod

“Simple yet elegant.”

I have been changing mods every month. As in, literally every month.but ever since november, when I got the Izanagi version 1.2 (They have many versions. From the original v1 then the limited v1.5 then the v1.2 nd the thailand edition and the most recent ver 2 whcih have interchangeble resin sleeve) I never bought a brand new mod.It satisfy everything that I want and to note that this is not the first time that I had a mechanical mod. I have used a series box mod, to parallel to a normal tube mod, clone and legit.

What I got from Wnder Vaper, the mind behind the Izanagi mods and the upcoming Alpha RDA was the version 1.2 during the PVX last November 2016. During the event, I also got the silver plated contacts, spring and the flat atty base (thailand edition originally have the flat atty base since most of their RDA are 24mm).


The tube is 24mm made of Stainless steel grade aluminum (light and durable). Firing pin initially have copper contacts but you can also buy the silver, lower voltage drops, and the brass contacts. I will be writing more information about the difference between these contacts soon. It has an ultem firing button you can also upgrade it to where it has their logo (somewhat like the sharingan of the uchiha if you are watching naruto). This is a hybrid mod and the atty base s made of copper as well. Version 1.2 have the 22 mm base which have 4 holes this is mostly for a 22 mm base only and you need to protrude the pin of your atty if you will be using a 24 mm. 25 mm atty will have an overhang on this tube mod. better yet buy the version 2 or wish that you can turn back time and reserve for the limited edition version 1.5 (how I wish i had bought the gold finish!!!)

The paint on this mod is great. I don’t recall the paint that they used but all of the mods that I have, thier paint fades or chips easily but for this one, not a single scratch given that I don’t take care of my things, I just put it on my pocket, bag, anywhere (basta hindiako maingat), I am also acidic and its paint i still hthere. not a single hairline scratch . But if by any chance that you had one, search for jjeffrey Chua on the group, he is one of the admin, and he will make your Izanagi mod brand new (looks like).


I bought it on sale for 1600 pesos. You can still score this tube on mod on some vape shops like JCloud or better yet join the Izanagi customs facebook page (will be including hyperlinks once I had the time)



  • convenient and handy
  • sturdy
  • build quality is top class
  • price point
  • upgradable


  • I had build of around .12 ohms and it gets how fast

I had spent thousands on different mods and I never felt this way when I bought the Izanagi. The construction – Price – Conveniece of having use this mod for4 months is worth the price. SULIT!!! And if by any chance the they sell the connector to connect to Izanagi, I’m sure that I will be the first person to buy it. One of my wish is to have a stacked mod, they had made one but I only saw ojne person have it.

They will also release the Alpha RDA which I think will kill all locally made attomizers for it have side and bottom air flow control. It will also give you two options for the sleeve. I already message Wyn for the reservation of the Alpha but I’m expecting that as of this writing he is very busy in the production of these or playing mobile legends.

BTW, I was not paid o write this. I just appreciates their masterpiece and once I got a hand on the Alpha. If I loved it. I will tell you.

And to point out– it is Izanagi not Izagani!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


Well it’s the start of a new day, a new week, well ofcourse a new everyyhinh for me, new job, status in life , love and well writing. I can now find more time in writing or rather posting here in my blog which I never really know what it looks like or how it will really be. Well, wish us all the luck and start the week right.


Wake them up roosty!

Start with the end


March 27, 2014

Everything happened for a reason, and a very good conversation is very much needed in every relationship, not just when you’re starting it, on sad times or on happy moments, but even on the end of it.

Three years and six months or seven months was how long it takes to end mine. We’ve never been friends before this became official and for every relationship like this, friendships might come after it or during the relationship itself.

Well it was the only time that we have had a serious conversation about us with no lies which tackles the future for both of us. Tears were shed, priorities were mad but nonetheless, we were happy with the results. Well, no sex afterwards which occura when most break ups happen, which was a lityle bit sad for me considering that we hadn’t have some for quite a while now.

It was all rebound, just a month being single for both of us and then found her on social media, was introduced to each other, never really thought that this would be a hell of a ride for both of us. Cherished each moment together, made a promise to not keep secret nor lies and was happy until she was assigned abroad. She found her new man, and after six months of being there, she was back with a broken promise. Not to realize this until she broke it to me. Still unsure what to feel nor to do but loving her was enough for me to stay with her until we sort things out.

March 31, 2014

I’m okay with all that’s happening, we still see each other, cook food, eat together, sleep together, laugh together and make fun of others, together. However, what’s this thing that’s killing me, taking my sanity away. “I can’t forget about him.”, then there you go, flashback of everything, everything that happened seven months ago or possibly a year ago. How do they kiss each other? Kiss? Thug? How can she cheat on me? Why can’t you give the things that I need, those that I deserve.