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O+ Duo 2-in-1 Tips

O+ now has three 2 in 1, their second iteration of 2 in 1 is the o+ duo which I purchased for Php 6,995 at memo express in SM Valenzuela.

The O+ Duo has can run with android 5.1 and windows 10 with 64 GB of storage, it was separated by O+, 32 GB and 16 GB free respectively. Both OS runs smoothly on both device and both can handle multitasking good.

Let me now go over the problems that I have encountered on using the device. This is also the main reason that I came up with this post, so you don’t need to experience the frustration that I encounter.

First, the device that I got was the last unit they have, they only 2 got units initially so I just trust the guy that the item has not been tested yet. He boot the system and windows was the first OS that booted. I entered my credentials and the guy  tested all accessories. Everything was good, except the headset, I tried it in my Xperia Z and it was not recognized. But other than that, it’s all good. I paid for the item and brought the unit home. When I tried it when I got home, the next problem happened.

Second, It was really my fault to encounter the second problem, I didn’t test the android OS nor did I ask how to boot it. After going through the net and watching a video in YouTube, I figured out the solution to this. You just need to deactivate the tablet mode, because it is in default that it is in tablet mode then on the desktop, you’ll be able to see the icon for switching OS. There you go, it rebooted. You can easily switch to windows by just going to the notifications in the android.

You do not need to restore to factory setting to get the switcher because that is what I did. Poor me.

Third, It may not be the tablets fault but when I changed the date manually, it ruined everything, all Windows apps didn’t open, from the store, mail, calendar and most importantly the settings. So make sure not to change it manually. I tried going over the net to look for the solution but nothing helped. Last resort was to reset the PC, unluckily, I can’t look for a way to reset it but with luck, it opened the advanced option for resetting the machine. Once it booted, It’s fully operational again. So note to myself, never changed the date manually again.

Fourth, battery drains fast. I turned it off with 100%, then when I opened it in the afternoon, its just 31%.

After those problems, windows is now fully operational and been using it for a week now without any issues.


  • You can use a smartphone for a touchpad, I use the remote link app in my android phone Remote Link by ASUS.
  • This supports OTG but don’t have a USB port.
  • Keyboard is miniature.
  • Make sure to go to settings and update the windows OS if you’ve got time.

This post is intended to help O+ duo users and that includes me, so if you’ve got any tips for me as well, leave it in the comment. Thank you so much.