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Coach Blog 2: Hidden Gem

There will always be an employee who won’t perform well but always can have something to show. A manager can look at their performance alone but they may not see the hidden gem in them.

Nobody thought that an employee who have can’ deliver the number have something to hide. In phillip’s case, he can’t provode a stellar service to a customer but he can then figure out the concern of the customer right away, without any probing needed. This can be a skill that is learned through experience or a talent. Like in basketball, height is a talent, all you need to do is polish the other aspect to show that gem in them.

Just put some effort to rub those dirt away, one inch a day. And once you turn that muddy stone into a precious one, you’ll be earning a lot for sure. 


Coach blog 1: Follow up

So they say that to be an effective coach, we should know how to follow up on the previous coaching session that we’ve had with our coachee and since it is sunday where we receive less customers, it may be the best time for us to coach and follow up it.

Follow up on:

Phillip’s assignment which is to watch a series, he can understand it yet but watching it is a good start.

Examples of empathy and acknowledgement for the group. What is best for them may not even pass the standards of good.

Performance of people that will be out for most of the month, will they still be able to catch up and pass the goals this month?

Pastry Vapors – Bk’s Choice


Most of the flavors today is a revision of our childhood favorite snacks. And Pastry Vaapors’ Bk’s Choice is one of those. During our recess time we eat snacks that our mom bought for us at the grocery or for some people like me, I bought it in my “suking tindahan”. I remember when I als eat those chocolate wafers, like hello, voice. And my favorite stick – o.

Flavor and Throat Hit

Bk’s Choice have that mild chocolate taste with bit of milkiness on every puff. I on’t usually vape chocolate flavor juice snce most of the juice that I taste is too sweet and I easily get tonsilitis because of the sweetness. “Nakakaumay” if it is too sweet but not this one. I got the 3 mg of Nic and you would be able to long drag it without minimal throat hit. The smoothness of the quality of its nicotine is superb. It is nicely rate as 3 mg, subjectively, 3 mg nic should be on the verge of throat hit and smoothness to vape without you coughing or without you having to smoke but it will still give you your satisfaction for nicotine.

Another thing that I look in buying juice is if can keep my cotton and wire clean for certain days. Most juice that is too sweet and too high Nic can cause me to change the cotton and wire in just a day which is a big con for me since one of the reason why I switch to vaping is to save money. I don’t want to change them unless I got a new juice for me to get a full experience.


They say it has Max VG and my take on this is how dense those clouds are going to be. The thicker the clouds is the the longer the time I can see it floating around in an open space will give it the highest rating. I would also include the clouds’ smell on this part. As a vaper, I should also be mindfull of the people around me, I don’t to smell like conoms when I’m vaping or if its too sweet that bees will follow me. And the smell of Bk’s choice ain’t to obvious for anyone. Though it will leave that scent when you vape it a close room, and if someone comes in, they’ll ask if you’ve had a chocolate drink.


I don’t really prefer any chocolate juice, but this is one of the juice that I can suggest to people like me.  It is one of the juice that will make you hungry after vaping it for consecutive times. For 230 pesos, well you definitely get what you pay for. I’m thinking of buying another one even if I haven’t even finish half of it.jui

Flavor – 5/5

CLouds- 4/5

Price – 3.5/

Satisfaction- 5/5

Overall – 4.375 – Worth it for your everyday vape, I might buy another 1.

Mobile Gaming

Hey Readers and Fellow Bloggers – I become more boring now, from being an adventture seeker to someone who’ll just stay at home and watch a movie and now, I’m just always infront of a screen reading through, wait no, not reading, but to just downloading games from the app store. I think I have at least 25 games here, 5 games I played, 19 games where I have an account and 1 which I even had the time to download the data. So for the time being, I’ll be coming up with this that I see on this game and hopefully you can share your thoughts with me.


Right now, I’m using my Asus Zenfone 3 to play most of the games that I have. It can run games smoothly, from Clash of Clans to Exiles. And the good thing is, it has quick charging and a big battery life.

So if you have an android game that you would like me to review, comment it down and I prommise you I will take most of my time playing it.

Note: I only will review Android games for now I can’t promise to giv e any tips, but I will be very happy if you give me some. I won’t be using any cheats or mods to fasten my progress.


Here are the games that I currently have right now:(Sorted from most Played to least played)

  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • SwordArtOnline: Memory Defrag
  • Cytus
  • NBA 2k16
  • EosAndRo: Ragnarok Online (downloaded not from PlayStore)
  • Mario Run
  • GTA: San Andreas
  • Rodeo Stampede
  • Marvel Future Fight
  • LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham
  • NBA 2k17
  • This War of Mine
  • Missing
  • Limbo
  • Walking Dead Season 1
  • Dual
  • HellRider 2
  • Minecraft PE
  • Pokemon Duel
  • Vainglory
  • SBK16
  • Crisis Action
  • Hackers
  • Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie
  • Sky Dancer
  • Eternium: Mage and Minions
  • Hitman: Sniper
  • Final Fantasy 9
  • Zeon
  • Space Commander
  • Chaos Legends
  • Titan Brawl
  • Art of Swords
  • Fyff Legaacy
  • The Great Tournament

Which one would you like me to review first?

Izanagi Tube Mod

“Simple yet elegant.”

I have been changing mods every month. As in, literally every month.but ever since november, when I got the Izanagi version 1.2 (They have many versions. From the original v1 then the limited v1.5 then the v1.2 nd the thailand edition and the most recent ver 2 whcih have interchangeble resin sleeve) I never bought a brand new mod.It satisfy everything that I want and to note that this is not the first time that I had a mechanical mod. I have used a series box mod, to parallel to a normal tube mod, clone and legit.

What I got from Wnder Vaper, the mind behind the Izanagi mods and the upcoming Alpha RDA was the version 1.2 during the PVX last November 2016. During the event, I also got the silver plated contacts, spring and the flat atty base (thailand edition originally have the flat atty base since most of their RDA are 24mm).


The tube is 24mm made of Stainless steel grade aluminum (light and durable). Firing pin initially have copper contacts but you can also buy the silver, lower voltage drops, and the brass contacts. I will be writing more information about the difference between these contacts soon. It has an ultem firing button you can also upgrade it to where it has their logo (somewhat like the sharingan of the uchiha if you are watching naruto). This is a hybrid mod and the atty base s made of copper as well. Version 1.2 have the 22 mm base which have 4 holes this is mostly for a 22 mm base only and you need to protrude the pin of your atty if you will be using a 24 mm. 25 mm atty will have an overhang on this tube mod. better yet buy the version 2 or wish that you can turn back time and reserve for the limited edition version 1.5 (how I wish i had bought the gold finish!!!)

The paint on this mod is great. I don’t recall the paint that they used but all of the mods that I have, thier paint fades or chips easily but for this one, not a single scratch given that I don’t take care of my things, I just put it on my pocket, bag, anywhere (basta hindiako maingat), I am also acidic and its paint i still hthere. not a single hairline scratch . But if by any chance that you had one, search for jjeffrey Chua on the group, he is one of the admin, and he will make your Izanagi mod brand new (looks like).


I bought it on sale for 1600 pesos. You can still score this tube on mod on some vape shops like JCloud or better yet join the Izanagi customs facebook page (will be including hyperlinks once I had the time)



  • convenient and handy
  • sturdy
  • build quality is top class
  • price point
  • upgradable


  • I had build of around .12 ohms and it gets how fast

I had spent thousands on different mods and I never felt this way when I bought the Izanagi. The construction – Price – Conveniece of having use this mod for4 months is worth the price. SULIT!!! And if by any chance the they sell the connector to connect to Izanagi, I’m sure that I will be the first person to buy it. One of my wish is to have a stacked mod, they had made one but I only saw ojne person have it.

They will also release the Alpha RDA which I think will kill all locally made attomizers for it have side and bottom air flow control. It will also give you two options for the sleeve. I already message Wyn for the reservation of the Alpha but I’m expecting that as of this writing he is very busy in the production of these or playing mobile legends.

BTW, I was not paid o write this. I just appreciates their masterpiece and once I got a hand on the Alpha. If I loved it. I will tell you.

And to point out– it is Izanagi not Izagani!!!

Bang Bang: The DOTA that I never learned.

As of this moment I am trying to wake up my girlfriend, she think that I’m so sweet that I’m waiting for her , to make sure that she’ll wake up on time. but she don’t know that while I’m waiting for her, I’m having the time of my life.

Since high school, my deepest frustration was playing DOTA,  I tried playing it, but I never got the chance to master it. I always thought that it was an awful game, you need to buy equipment that tells you what the effects are but it really don’t work. later that I knew, those are recipes which means you need to buy things first before you can acquire certain items.

then I quit, I rather play NBA or counter for which they don’t need recipes, though I always install World of Warcraft on the laptops that I bought in the past.

Now 2017 has come, and I think it’s a bit late to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. A game where you won’tbe bullied since I always see players trash talking on each DOTA game that they play. MLBB is a Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) which you play with other people from across the globe but most of the playeers that I see here are Filipinos. 🙂

Just a simple rule on the game, protect your base, play sas a team and the most important is don’t die stupidly. Once you install the game on yourandroid or Iphone, you’ll learn the basics by controllingthe most basic character. If your frustration is the same as mine which is to play ODTA., you will feel awesome since this tutorial will make you feel like a gid until the time you play with other players where you’ll feel like you the stupidest of them all. There was a time that I was even called a food, since all I know is die. But the game itself is wonderfall.



You have plenty of characters to choose from, from a support character which will be your first hero, to a tank, an assasin and even a hero that does magic. Characters

Indestructible RDA by Wismec

Wismec, creators  of the famous, most used mod here in the Philippines have a matching RDA, the Indestructible which can be purchased for around 900 pesos.

Out of the Box

We have the RDA, spare O rings and a spare hexagonal bolt. The box don’t come with the tools that you can use to build your coils neither a cotton and wire for the build itself.

The Atty

The Indestructible is a small RDA which has a 22 mm diameter, which makes it cute. The RDA is composed of the base, an adjustable pin, a sleeve with three air holes, for single and dual coil mode, a chaff cap which have 8 air holes.

The deck of this RDA has three post, negative post have screws and the negative have two hexagonal screws.

It has three post, on which the positive post have two hexagonal screws. The sleeve of it have three sets of air holes with thee holes a piece, sad to say that it can’t be adjusted unlike the Baal V3 and the Samurai Comp V2 top cap has 8 air holes for your satisfaction.


My favorite build on this RDA is the nano Dragon coil, perfect for its post since I tilt the coils diagonally, it may be a bit hard for beginners to create a build on this RDA since the screws on the negative post is open on one side where the wire can slip easily. The juice well is also so narrow that;s why I put cotton clouds on it for more juice for me not to drip every other time I fire.

Best Mod

I have the brush silver indes and I match it with my PICO by eleaf which makes it a perfect pair. It’s so tiny which can easily fit in your pocket. Best for vapers with small hands.


If you don’t have tools yet to build this RDA, I rather not suggest this since there are RDA that comes with an Allen like the mad hatter V2 or the Tsunami RDA. However, if you would like to match your SS mod with a perfect RDA and you also have an intermediate skill in build your coils, this one is for you.

Suits cloud chasers, but still deliver that flavor you want for a very low price.