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Coach Blog 2: Hidden Gem

There will always be an employee who won’t perform well but always can have something to show. A manager can look at their performance alone but they may not see the hidden gem in them.

Nobody thought that an employee who have can’ deliver the number have something to hide. In phillip’s case, he can’t provode a stellar service to a customer but he can then figure out the concern of the customer right away, without any probing needed. This can be a skill that is learned through experience or a talent. Like in basketball, height is a talent, all you need to do is polish the other aspect to show that gem in them.

Just put some effort to rub those dirt away, one inch a day. And once you turn that muddy stone into a precious one, you’ll be earning a lot for sure. 


Coach blog 1: Follow up

So they say that to be an effective coach, we should know how to follow up on the previous coaching session that we’ve had with our coachee and since it is sunday where we receive less customers, it may be the best time for us to coach and follow up it.

Follow up on:

Phillip’s assignment which is to watch a series, he can understand it yet but watching it is a good start.

Examples of empathy and acknowledgement for the group. What is best for them may not even pass the standards of good.

Performance of people that will be out for most of the month, will they still be able to catch up and pass the goals this month?

Pastry Vapors – Bk’s Choice


Most of the flavors today is a revision of our childhood favorite snacks. And Pastry Vaapors’ Bk’s Choice is one of those. During our recess time we eat snacks that our mom bought for us at the grocery or for some people like me, I bought it in my “suking tindahan”. I remember when I als eat those chocolate wafers, like hello, voice. And my favorite stick – o.

Flavor and Throat Hit

Bk’s Choice have that mild chocolate taste with bit of milkiness on every puff. I on’t usually vape chocolate flavor juice snce most of the juice that I taste is too sweet and I easily get tonsilitis because of the sweetness. “Nakakaumay” if it is too sweet but not this one. I got the 3 mg of Nic and you would be able to long drag it without minimal throat hit. The smoothness of the quality of its nicotine is superb. It is nicely rate as 3 mg, subjectively, 3 mg nic should be on the verge of throat hit and smoothness to vape without you coughing or without you having to smoke but it will still give you your satisfaction for nicotine.

Another thing that I look in buying juice is if can keep my cotton and wire clean for certain days. Most juice that is too sweet and too high Nic can cause me to change the cotton and wire in just a day which is a big con for me since one of the reason why I switch to vaping is to save money. I don’t want to change them unless I got a new juice for me to get a full experience.


They say it has Max VG and my take on this is how dense those clouds are going to be. The thicker the clouds is the the longer the time I can see it floating around in an open space will give it the highest rating. I would also include the clouds’ smell on this part. As a vaper, I should also be mindfull of the people around me, I don’t to smell like conoms when I’m vaping or if its too sweet that bees will follow me. And the smell of Bk’s choice ain’t to obvious for anyone. Though it will leave that scent when you vape it a close room, and if someone comes in, they’ll ask if you’ve had a chocolate drink.


I don’t really prefer any chocolate juice, but this is one of the juice that I can suggest to people like me.  It is one of the juice that will make you hungry after vaping it for consecutive times. For 230 pesos, well you definitely get what you pay for. I’m thinking of buying another one even if I haven’t even finish half of it.jui

Flavor – 5/5

CLouds- 4/5

Price – 3.5/

Satisfaction- 5/5

Overall – 4.375 – Worth it for your everyday vape, I might buy another 1.