Colonial Mod Clone

This post is an unbiased review of the Mechanical Mod which I bought in Lazada.Ph for 899 Pesos.  And right now, I know what you have in mind, is it worth the 899? I’ll let you answer that in a bit after you have read my review below. I’ll also be posting pictures in a bit. Hit like so I can come up with a video review. Thanks!

I’ve been using it for a month now and it deserves a review for it  since it minimize the number of cigarettes that I’ve been consuming. From a pack a day to just two stick, can’t help smoking after eating, you smokers knows how I feel. Other than that, it has 39 good reviews in lazada. For me, it is worth spending money to switch to vaping. When you start vaping, you’ll then taste cigarette like the first time you taste it. However, is it worth the money?

What’s in the box?

I would not really call it a box, cause when I received the item, it’s presented on an unprotected bubble wrap.


It includes the tube, atomizer, battery and battery charger with LED light. The atomizer is already built, it already have a wick  and a not so good setup. How safe it is? Who knows? It’s actually one of the reason why I didn’t use it right away, it doesn’t look safe given that you’ll put this in front of your face that is why I needed to consult my best friend google. It turns out that this mod is more like a clone of “Colonial mod” by Mad Industries, I’ve searched it in google and figure out a way on how to use it, build the atomizer and vape.


Vape safe! Know your battery! Pinoy puff is the brand of the battery that is included in this package, pretty sure it is a re wrapped. I was not happy nor disappointed with it, well given that it makes me stop smoking, right? I should be thankful about it. But since this is a mech mod, it stresses me out removing the battery when not in use and charging it using the included charger.

How long does it last? Well on a full charge, I was able to use it for around 40 minutes until the smoke goes out of me. Since I don’t have a spare, I needed to go back to cigarettes until it got full again which can take 3-4 hours of charging.

Specs of the battery below:

25 A,  4000mah, 18650 type



The atomizer that is included in the package have the mad industries logo on it, it has three pillars, you can search in google the build that you like, what I use is five wraps with dual coal of .5 ohms kanthal wire. Resistance that I have is .32 ohms. Decent enough to give satisfying clouds.

The only problem with this for me is the small vent holes, which when vaping gives you a tight feeling and it leaks, a lot.  It leaks in the holes especially when there is too much juice in it. You might consider this as another disadvantage of this item.

Right now, I’m still using this atomizer on my eleaf istick 40w, which I will review soon since I also bought it in Lazada.



I said earlier that it is more like a clone of a Colonial mod, you read it right. It is not really a clone I think. Compared to the authentic colonial mod which is composed of just the body and the top cap, here, we can see three, the tube, top cap and let’s call it the bottom cap where we can easily remove the firing pin.

This is a tube type mod that houses an 18650 battery. Looks sleek and durable. Firing pin is at the bottom, which has brass screws inside which connects to the negative side of the battery when fired.


This is not a starter kit which I learned after buying the item. You can read other reviews on mods that fits your knowledge on vaping. Other wise, if you only have 1k in your pocket, you can go and add this to your cart just make sure that before you use this, you have read on Vape Safety and Battery Safety. Vape at your own risk!!



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