Start with the end


March 27, 2014

Everything happened for a reason, and a very good conversation is very much needed in every relationship, not just when you’re starting it, on sad times or on happy moments, but even on the end of it.

Three years and six months or seven months was how long it takes to end mine. We’ve never been friends before this became official and for every relationship like this, friendships might come after it or during the relationship itself.

Well it was the only time that we have had a serious conversation about us with no lies which tackles the future for both of us. Tears were shed, priorities were mad but nonetheless, we were happy with the results. Well, no sex afterwards which occura when most break ups happen, which was a lityle bit sad for me considering that we hadn’t have some for quite a while now.

It was all rebound, just a month being single for both of us and then found her on social media, was introduced to each other, never really thought that this would be a hell of a ride for both of us. Cherished each moment together, made a promise to not keep secret nor lies and was happy until she was assigned abroad. She found her new man, and after six months of being there, she was back with a broken promise. Not to realize this until she broke it to me. Still unsure what to feel nor to do but loving her was enough for me to stay with her until we sort things out.

March 31, 2014

I’m okay with all that’s happening, we still see each other, cook food, eat together, sleep together, laugh together and make fun of others, together. However, what’s this thing that’s killing me, taking my sanity away. “I can’t forget about him.”, then there you go, flashback of everything, everything that happened seven months ago or possibly a year ago. How do they kiss each other? Kiss? Thug? How can she cheat on me? Why can’t you give the things that I need, those that I deserve.


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